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28 october 2001
New versions of our star products GCompris 0.9.2 and Dr.Genius 0.5.15 have been released recently. Feed back on these products is well come.

18 august 2001
A section Papers is opened.

6 august 2001
DrGenius release 0.5.12, check its change log.

12 may 2001
OFSET becomes an official associate organisation of the FSF Europe ( http://www.fsfeurope.org ).

29 april 2001
Here is a report of the free course on free software organized in February and March 2001 by several organizations in Columbia, ( http://www.tamarapatino.com/servicios/cursogratuito/2/repfin.shtml ).

14 april 2001
The transition between the old freeduc catalog and the new one is completed. A lot of new entries has been added as well. We will now turn our focus toward Debian and debian packaging for these software with a close cooperation with Debian working group as Debian-Jr.

13 march 2001
We have been very quiet recently. The good news is that we worked hard. New Gcompris software for kids is available as well as version 0.5.11 of Dr. Genius, our interactive geometry software.

In the Freeduc department we have worked hard on the new catalog system. The big differences are the multi-versions and multi-dependences as well the certification system to ensure each entry is a free software and only depends on free software. The new Freeduc catalog is at ( http://www.ofset.org/freeduc ), the old one is accessible from there. and we will work on the transition of the database as well the documentation.

26 january 2001
To promote cooperation and freedom, the values of free software and to ease the installation of GNU/Linux in Colombian schools, several organizations have joined to offer in February and March 2001 a second free course on the usage, installation and administration of GNU/Linux networks in schools. More info at ( http://www.tamarapatino.com/servicios/cursogratuito/2/anuncio-en.shtml ).

14 december 2000
Dr. Genius 0.5.10 is out! It comes with a new multi-level undo/redo system on geometric figure. Check out it there: ( http://ofset.sourceforge.net/drgenius ).

4 december 2000
Guillaume Allegre, the leader of the french education group of the Guilde - ( http://www.guilde.asso.fr/guilde/groupes/education/ ) - has translated the Freeduc FAQ in French. Thanks you Guillaume!!
http://www.ofset.org/projects/edusoft/faq-fr.html ).

3 december 2000
Dr.Geo and Dr.Genius have been removed from the Seul/Edu project. As we disagree with the Seul/Edu position regarding the promotion of proprietary port on a GNU system, we think inappropriate to host our development projects at their place. The new place are actually ( http://ofset.sourceforge.net/drgeo ) and ( http://ofset.sourceforge.net/drgenius ).

30 november 2000
The Freeduc database has now a graph system to help evaluator and packager to pick up a software to work on.
http://www.ofset.org/freeduc/listScore.php ).

14 october 2000
Christophe Merlet is working in rpm macros for different package to be used in Freeduc. You can check it there ( http://christophe.merlet.free.fr/GNU-Linux/RPMs/ ) and help testing them. More on Freeduc ( http://www.ofset.org/projects/edusoft/edusoft.html ).

27 september 2000
New loyout of the OFSET web site. Thanks to Frédéric Toussaint for the design. You can visit his web sites about graphics with GNU/Linux ( http://www.blender-cafe.org ) , ( http://www.linuxgraphic.org ).

15 september 2000
New page: free software wish list, check there.

10 September 2000
OFSET is now open to memberships. We do hope for a lot of you to join in the important task of education and free software.

27 August 2000
New German and Swedish locales for Dr. Geo.

23 August 2000
Dr. Genius 0.5.9 released. This release brings interesting features in the user interface. More information at the Dr. Genius log page.

5 August 2000
Freeduc is officially open for contributions.

2 August 2000
Freeduc, the support database for the Edusoft project is in test cycle ( http://www.ofset.org/freeduc/ ). You are invited to comments and suggestions during the cycle. You may also refer to FAQ. Do not hesitate to experiment!

5-9 July 2000
OFSET was present at the LSM 2000. Following the education track we worked on the first specification of a free library management software.

4 July 2000
Hilaire Fernandes released a tutorial on Gnome programming with Python. Available with the July issue of Linux Focus magazine.

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