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Because the liberty and the equality of access to the IT are important in our society, OFSET is actively promoting and developing free software for schools. To understand how and under what conditions OFSET is working to reach this objective, we invite you to read carefully the OFSET Manifesto and Charter. To consult the projects we are working on, you can take a look at our Project pages. If you are interested in documentation or reflection related papers, consult our Information pages. In case you are interested becoming an OFSET active member, our Members pages are dedicated to that topic. If you want to chat with us, you can also join us at our channel #ofset at irc.freenode.net.

What is new about Free Software in Education and Teaching

1 April 2004
A report of the free software education event the 20 of March at the CDDP of Mont-de-Marsan is on-line. Xvid2 videos are also available at ( ftp://developer.ofset.org/pub/video/jlle2004-mont-de-marsan ).

15 February 2004
OFSET is officially supporting the Skolelinux project. The goal of this project is to provide a free ICT infrastructure for schools and it is perfectly complementary to the OFSET goals of developing free software for education. Read more.

18 November 2003
OFSET will be at the Solution Linux event in Paris, from the 3 to the 5 of February 2004.
Solution Linux

30 October 2003
FREEDUC-CD release 1.4, see the FREEDUC page for more information. This version has been developped with the support of the UNESCO, see our press release.

18 July 2003
We were at the Libre Software Meeting 2003, at Metz. We met several people we use to work with. We had a stand to demonstrate Freeduc-cd. We also sell Freeduc-cd and new prestigious members join our organization. Look at those picture album ( http://redfox.redfoxcenter.org/gallery/LSM2003 ).

26 May 2003
Again a new success for OFSET, GCompris won the 1st prize in the category of educational application during the Trophees du LIBRE in France!! See there ( http://www.tropheesdulibre.org ).

2 April 2003
Freeduc-cd release 1.3, see the Projects page for more information.

5 November 2002
OFSET released version 1.1 of the Freeduc CD-ROM. In top of bugs removal, new applications have been added as WIMS and GRASS. As usual more info in the Freeduc Zone

23 October 2002
OFSET is proud to launch the Freeduc CD-ROM. It is a live GNU system on CD-ROM packed with a set of free software which present a real interest for the education sector. This tool gives the ability to educator to easily use what is available for them. Hopefully, this tool will help in the promotion of the free software and its values within the education institutions.

The Freeduc project : ( http://www.ofset.org/projects/edusoft/edusoft.html )

19 October 2002
GCompris will be presented at Paris at the "Cite des Sciences" by Dina during an event about free software and education.

18 June 2002
OFSET will participate to the education track of the LSM 2002 meeting at Bordeaux - France. The event takes place from the 9 to the 13 of july 2002.

10 June 2002
In the field of interactive geometry, OFSET is looking for mathematic teachers to collaborate in the improvement of our Dr.Genius software. The possible improvements range from developing specific features, localisations in your native language of the user interface and documentation.

We are also interested on feedback in the following topics:

  • Situations where DrGenius is used (school system and average age of the students);
  • User interface feedbacks (which can lead to improvements);
  • Activities and teacher materials produced with DrGenius is very interesting aswell.
Contact hilaire (hilaire AT ofset.org) or the DrGenius mailing list at ( http://www.ofset.org/drgenius/ml.html ).

10 April 2002
Bruno Coudoin of OFSET is looking for help in the development of a documentation set for the various boards of GCompris. The job consists to write in a teacher way the prerequisite, goal and manual for each board. Also the documentation can be written in various native language so we can have a complete documented educational application with international support. Contact bruno.coudoin at free.fr if you want to help.

19 March 2002
Documentation for Dr.Genius has been released. Although the documentation is not finished, we are looking for volunteers to contribute (fixing mistake and extanding the documentation). The documentation is available online. The documentation section of Dr.Genius has also useful hints if you want to collaborate.

5 March 2002
OFSET is looking for one or two volunteers to maintain our Freeduc database catalogue. The job consists mainly on maintaining the catalogue entries and looking for new free educational package. If you are volunteer contact directly hilaire at ofset.org.

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